Table of Contents

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1 | Global Urban Humanity – the “Embodiment” of Embodying Peripheries
Kuan Hwa

2 | Peripheries
Giuseppina Forte

3 | Makeup and marquinha:
aesthetics of the bodily surface in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Samuel Novacich

photo credit: authors

4 | Walling the peripheries:
porous condominiums at Brazil’s urban margins

Matthew Richmond and Moisés Kopper

photo credit: authors

5 | Central occupations:
stills from a city in movement

Jeroen Stevens

photo credit: author

6 | Durumi Camp, Abuja:
conflict and the spatial praxes of a furtive-periphery

Stephen Àjàdí

image credit: author

7 | Moving from the margins:
Palestinian mobilities, embodiment, and agency in East Jerusalem

Hanna Baumann

photo credit: Genevieve Belmaker

8 | Fikirtepe in limbo: 
urban transformation, cross-border migration, and re-peripheralization in Istanbul
Francesco Pasta

photo credit: author

9 | Femminielli and the city:
urban space and non-binary gender identities in Naples 

Fabrizia Cannella

photo credit: Alessandro Genovese

10 | Of the spaces between:
prepositional events throughout the Festival de Marseille

Anna Jayne Kimmel

photo credit: author

11 | Gurgaon:
Unfinished City, a photographic essay

Sarth Khare

photo credit: author

12 | Hidden music scenes:
governmentality and contestation in postcolonial Hong Kong

Diego Caro

photo credit: author

13 | California City (Wonderland) and California City (Real Estate)
Noritaka Minami

photo credit: author

14 | Haitians live for news
David Exumé